At John Miller Carroll Law Office we gauge our success not only on the legal outcomes of a case, but on our client's happiness with their results.

"Attorney Carroll,


This past week we finally checked the Wisconsin Court Access system to find that our son's court record had been removed from the Access to the Public Records of the Wisconsin Circuit Courts website.  The feeling of relief that followed can only be understood by a Mother whose son just "got his life back."  His record is now totally expunged and he can apply for jobs with his head held high, he can apply for Study Abroad at his College as well as continue his studies; all knowing  that his future can now be as good as his experience and academics will allow. 


We thank you for your persistence regarding this matter and the positive feeling you gave to us as this dragged on.  Whenever we called you, even your personal cell phone, you always got back to us.  When we stopped in to talk to your assistants or called them, they were always friendly and helpful. 


While I am sure you understandwhen i say " I hope we never have to use your services again," please know you will be the first person we would call or recommend under similar circumstances. "



"If I could give John Miller Carroll Law Office a 10, I would! I've used John Miller at least five times, and each experience with him has been fantastic! There is nobody better in the area, by far! I guarantee hands-down, John knows the law backwards and forwards and he's genuinely out to help his clients out. What I found to be outstanding, was that he's available after hours! His hours don't stop! He'll talk to you after 8pm if he's got things to go over or discuss with you. Plus, he gives you his cell phone number, so you can reach him whenever you need him. John is totally on your side. He wants to go to bat for you. He cares about you as a person, you're not just a down payment or a retainer fee to him. He provides fantastic service! I'd recommend him to anybody! "

- Dan Hendricks (9/2011)


"In 2008, I was charged with 1st Degree Intentional Homicide as a Party to a Crime.  I knew I was innocent of the crime and I was, but without a good Lawyer who would not only fight for me but also believe in my innocence, I would receive the life sentence the charge carried.  The Lawyer I had representing before I retained John Miller Carroll, did not want to fight for my innocence, he pretty much put on the table like 'what you see is what you get.'   This Attorney was convinced that if I did not accept the Plea deal offered, which was 40 years in prison, or if I brought it to a Jury Trial, I would lose and spend the rest of my life in prison.   My situation was serious; I had to find legal counsel; one that was on 'my team' and nevertheless an Attorney who was confident in themselves.     Every Attorney my family consulted with required a substantial amount of money to represent me (some over $50,000.00 and the cheapest $25,000.00.)  However, Attorney Carroll handled my matter for less than half of the amount; he worked with my family and me.  Moreover, not only did Mr. Carroll and the team at John Miller Carroll Law Office fight for my liberty but also they believed in me!  With that, we took this matter to Jury Trial in the State of Wisconsin and the jury’s verdict was NOT GUILTY.  I received my family, life, and FUTURE back after sitting in numerous jail cells and courtrooms wondering if I would ever be free again.  I'm eternally thankful for the dedication and hard work John Miller Carroll Law Office did on my behalf."  

- Genuine Words:  Mr. Keith Birr   (10/2013)

"John Miller Carroll Law Office was excellent. I can't say enough good about their company. John took care of a couple of cases for me, and won the cases, but what I liked was that he was Johnny-on-the-spot. Any time I called him, he answered himself, and Jason assisted in the cases. I've turned clients over to them quite a few times, and I have never heard of a problem. Basically, anybody I've turned over to them for some form of assistance tells me they did an excellent job. I have always gotten great feedback about them."  -Chris Koga (9/2011)

"If anyone is looking for a reliable Attorney, I feel John Miller Carroll would be a good choice.  I was facing the possibility of jail time, huge fines, loosing my drivers license and maybe my job.  Mr. Carroll also had a more challenging situation with the time it took to travel the extra distance to the court appearances.  I would like to thank Attorney Carroll and his Staff for the high level of professional services and expertise they have provided to have my case dismissed. Thank you."

- J. VandenHuevel (11/2013)

"You're the BEST Lawyer I have EVER known! If by chance, you have seen "Making of a Murderer", on Netflix.  The Steve Avery and Brendan Dassy Story.  The AWESOME EMPATHY, shown by all, but ESPECIALLY Dean Strang, is an AWESOMENESS I SEE IN YOU!! I'll never forget what you have done for me!  

- C. Clevenger (8/2016)

"I really appreciate everything you have done for me regarding my cases. You were truly a blessing from God. With all the drug cases I had I can't believe you was able to get me a deal. If I find myself in another situation where I need a lawyer. You saved my life, and I'll never forget you Mr. Carroll. Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart and my mother asked me to let you know she appreciate you and thank you as well. I pray this letter find you in good spirit and in due time." - R.J. (3/2015)

"John Miller Carroll has the experience and knowledge that you look for in an attorney. He will go the distance for you and you can depend on his incredible staff to be there for you as well. This is someone you definately want on your side. Very personal and professional."

"I feel very fortunate and grateful to have had Attorney Carroll on my side and successfully get through a complicated case.  Attorney Carroll does his research and presents it with such clarity and succinctness in Court.  His focus on the consequential details coupled with supplemental information from research allowed for a strong, winning defense.  I’d feel very comfortable to have Attorney Carroll again and recommend him to others.  He makes the process easy and comfortable and I would like to thank him for that."  

- K.B (10/2014)