Wisconsin Statewide ​Criminal Defense Team
​Rule #1:
Keep Your Mouth Shut Even if it Means Spending the Night in Jail.
Rule #2:
Contact Us Immediately if You Are Charged with or Under Investigation for a Crime.

We handle criminal cases statewide. We have tried Jury Trials since 1987 in virtually every county in the state.  

Do the police want to talk to you?​

Police want you to think you are not in custody when you speak to them. Why? Because they do not have to tell you that you have the right to have an attorney present before you speak. NEVER speak to the police without consulting with us first!

​Criminal Charges

The first thing we do is determine if the police violated your rights in obtaining evidence against you. If they did we pursue all remedies including the exclusion of evidence and dismissal. 


Not all cases proceed to trial.  If the police have improperly obtained evidence in violation of your Fourth Amendment Rights we will do our best to suppress the evidence.  A successful attack will often result in dismissal. Check out our results page to see how many cases are dismissed.


If your case proceeds to trial our strategy is to prosecute the defense that is, we use the same strategy that prosecutors use to gain convictions.  We will attempt to prove your innocence; not just sit back and take pot shots at the State's case and hide behind the burden of proof.  The strategy requires meticulous preparation and a mastery of the facts. 

Our Strategy


If you have been contacted by the police whether you were arrested or not call us for a free consultation. ​We will determine whether the criminal complaint that has been filed or the allegations made which have been assigned to a prosecutor can be dismissed prior to filing. 

Many cases have the potential for early dismissal, reduced charges or an acquittal when we have the opportunity to immediately get into action. We strongly advise you to contact our criminal defense team immediately after an arrest or if you are under investigation for a crime.